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Cats of The World 2012 & Saturday Purrzaar

Cats of The World’ Photo Exhibition 
Pounces Back For The Sixth Time!
Also don't miss the bigger Saturday ‘Purrzaar’ Market for cat lovers...

Cats Of The World Photo Exhibition
Date: 10 – 30 September 2012
Time: 10am to 10pm

Venue:  The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane (Tel: 6332 6900)
Nearest Parking: Parliament House behind The Arts House
Admission: FREE!

For more info, Email sublime.carla@gmail.com | Call 9362 3626

+ Saturday Purrzaar Market
Date: 15 and 22 September 2012, Saturdays
Time: 11am to 6pm (Cash only/ Nearest ATM at Funan Mall)

Our annual cat exhibition will showcase 39 photos of feline models from countries like Australia, Myanmar, Japan and Italy. There is a new literary aspect whereby several well-known cat lovers in different fields - such as Goh Boon Teck, Karen Tan, Alfian Sa'at, Ginette Chittick, Irene Ang and Tung Soo Hua - have contributed original prose, poems and short stories that are dedicated or inspired by cats! Proceeds raised go to the ‘Cat Welfare Society’ www.catwelfare.org

Note: Due to F1, the Old Parliament Lane (road in front of Arts House) is closed so drivers can park at Parliament House (behind Arts House which is accessible by Parliament Place from North Bridge Road). Alternatively, visitors can park at Funan Mall, Boat Quay or Fullerton Hotel and then walk over to The Arts House which is near the Sir Stamford Raffles statue/ landing point. See map below for directions:

Saturday Purrzaar Market
Date: 15 and 22 September 2012
Time: 11am to 6pm
To be held within the ground floor print gallery of The Arts House, this unique cat-theme flea market features cat-themed merchandise and keepsakes, including postcards, handmade dolls, cushions, notebooks, tote bags, knitted brooches, fashion and home accessories, natural soaps, and artwork by a range of local artists, designers and vendors. Cat Welfare Society also has a booth to sell their merchandise. 

TIP: Please bring cash to spare as you'd want to buy everything! (Cash only, sorry no credit cards ;) 

FANCY FEAST® is also giving away 100 free door gifts of Purina ONE Cat Dry Pack (1.59kg) and 50 of the new FANCY FEAST® Royale Broths (40g) on each day of the Saturday Purrzaar. These are given out on a first-come-first-meow basis, so be the early cats and look for us to claim your gifts!


Cats of the World organisers are selling the cat photos, cat postcards, a selection of clothes, bags and accessories – all proceeds from the stall go to CWS. PawGlam! pet collars are also on sale at our booth.

Cat Welfare Society - our adopted group - will be selling their merchandise such as the tee-shirts, bags, books, toys and catnip eyeballs for the kitties! You can also visit their website www.catwelfare.org to buy their merchandise, adopt cats and sign up as a member to support their cause.

Dainty Hands offers all things sweet and pleasing to the eye from cake lollipops to satisfy the sweet tooth to kitty toys and potted grasses to pamper your furry feline friends. There are cute jewellery such as cat-motif necklaces and rings, imported tote bags and pouches with sewn-on cat silhouettes. Prices start from just $5.

Bach Flower Remedies are made according to the exact traditions of Dr. Edward Bach and are known throughout the world as a safe and effective form of complementary therapy. Working with your animal friends using Bach Flower Remedies is a journey of healing and to form a closer relationship through increased care and understanding. Deki Soh is the first Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP) in Singapore who will share her experience of using the remedies with humans and animal friends. Each 30ml bottle (up to 7 alcohol-free remedies) is priced at $30. www.innervoice.sg 

Library is a tote bag label celebrating the love for text and illustrations. The first series were inspired by “T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” and illustrations by Edward Gorey These carry-all totes come in three colours: Sunworshipper Gold, Antique Typewriter Bronze, Stardusted Black. The colours are hand-mixed personally silk-screened. The second series which will be featured at the Purrzaar are inspired by four book covers, namely: “Chiro, My Love” by Nobuyoshi Araki; “The Cat Inside” by William S. Burroughs; “Zen for Cats” by Henry Beard and “I Am a Cat” by Natsume Sōseki.  www.facebook.com/pages/Library

Momshoo offers hand-stitched and hand-knitted whimsical designs. All items are handmade with a personal touch. Creations include plush toys, passport covers and mismatched earrings! Don’t miss the limited edition cat brooches, sleeping cat key rings, knitted cat rings and amigurumi cat toys. www.facebook.com/momshoo

Jammin' ink drawings and kitchen gloves feature happy cat motifs. The items are designed and handmade with recycled materials such as fabric and wrapping papers. There are also vintage wooden rulers and pencils for sale. 

Maomao offers a list of happy stuff which you and your maomao (kitties) will love. There are fresh winter wheat grass to bags, pouches and accessories to bring home.

Oatsie's Trunk is started by a husband and wife team whose love for pets extends to little cuddly pet-shaped cushions. All original pet silhouettes are hand-drawn to proportions before they are being cut and sewn. These one-of-its-kind customised designs come complete with pretty ribbon collars and trinkets! Prices start from $55 for customised cushions and trinkets are $5 for 3. There are also purses, cushion covers, and tote bags. www.etsy.com/shop/oatsiestrunk

PawGlam! offers beautiful handmade designer collars for pets that comes in a wide range of styles to choose from - from the glamorous to the funky, from the hip to the gothic, as well as designs to match every occasion. www.pawglam.com/

Puffingmuffin is a playground of quirky and fun illustrations of animals caught in playful, sometimes less than desirable, situations that promise to put a smile on your face. The illustrations are inspired by the artist’s love for animals, particularly cats! These illustrations can be brought home in the form of postcards, magnets, badges, and/or stickers. Visit www.puffingmuffin.com and www.facebook.com/puffingmuffin

Rub A Dub Candles burn longer, smell stronger and don't contain any petroleum like ordinary candles. Handmade with 100% vegetable-based wax, they are lead- and dye-free with no added chemicals. Rub A Dub Candles are lotion and massage candles rich in vitamin E goodness. Simply blow the candle out, dip your fingers into the melted soy and Rub A Dub it all over! exodusbrand.com

SlothStudio's art products are handmade from drawings and paintings of two local artists, Ng Ling Tze and Terence Koh. They have always enjoyed the company of cats and get inspired to interpret them in their artworks. Handmade art products include A6-size notebooks, wearable art (pendants with chain, earrings and rings), zipper pouches and soft plush with keychain. www.slothstudio.com and http://www.facebook.com/slothstudio

StuffSusieMade offers a trove of amigurumi items, all of them hand-crocheted, knitted or sewn, and all of them super kawaii. Look out for the many plushies of felines like the ‘Goodnight Kitten’ who's wrapped up snug in his blanket, ‘Kitty Cupcake’ Magnets in adorable muffin cups, mini ‘Puss in Pouches’ that would brighten up anyone's day as well as various accessories for both you and your cat.  http://www.stuffsusiemade.blogspot.com

WILD celebrates nature with its all-natural soap, shampoo and bodycare products using herbs, plants and ingredients from Australia. Some of the products are Geranium & Red Rice Soap, Pandan & Mint Soap, Wild Vanilla & Clove with Orange Soap, Lemon Shampoo and Natural Moisturising Cream. www.wild.com.sg

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