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Photo Criteria For Submission

Since 2013, we have devoted a new CAT-egory to Instagram cat photos - which are printed in smaller sizes and with captions. For 2014, we will be picking some to feature. So do hashtag your instagram pics with #catsoftheworldphotoexhibition so we can shortlist them and ask you to send the instagram photos to us along with some info. You can also follow us at our Instagram account 'CatsOfTheWorldPhotoExhibition'

The deadline for submission of normal photos is 30 May 2014. Please send your BEST cat photos to sublime.carla@gmail.com - Thank you :)


Cats in unique situations, settings or countries, that capture the unique flavours of the backdrop; be it a cat napping in a Cambodian temple or slinking next to a Grecian column, or sunbathing atop a thatched rooftop. We accept cats photos shot in Singapore and around the world in far flung away places.

Cats with personalities that make you go awww, ooooh, yaaay, heehee; pictures that elicit any type of sounds from the viewers are generally heading in the right direction. We are tickled by photos that capture the feline characteristics - including lazy, aloof, loving, graceful, sneaky, timid, streetwise, boh-chap, fiesty, etc.

A picture speaks a thousand words - sometimes great pictures need no words as the emotions (pride, envy, love, sadness) are written over the cats' faces. We look for photos with a story to tell, or one with a strong punchline or matching captions.

Digital photos have to be clear and at least 300 dpi to be blown into A4/A3 size quality for exhibiting's purpose. We also accept black/white, sepia, lomo or iphone photos as long as their quality is not compromised. There is no limit on the number of photos you can submit but please be discerning in your photo selection and try to submit no more than 10 of your best entries.

This is an entirely self-financed and non-profit project, thus all contributors are required to pay a nominal S$10 per Shortlisted Photo to cover some admin costs and to contribute towards the fundraising. So if you have 3 Photos Shortlisted, kindly note that you have to pay S$30. You don't have to pay anything at the photo submission stage. We welcome entries from all ages including children too and will credit the photos to the photographers. The proceeds from the sale of photos and postcards will be donated to CWS via a cheque donation.

The selection process is determined by the organisers and entry decisions made are final. All print/sale and reproduction rights of the photos belong to Cats of The World Photo Exhibition once selected for exhibition. The organisers reserve the right to re-print and sell the photos for fundraising purposes or make them into magnets, postcards and other merchandise to raise funds for our adopted charity.

For more info:
Email me at sublime.carla@gmail.com or call HP 9362 3626.
Visit our COTW FACEBOOK to see the photo albums of past year exhibited photos

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