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Cat Christmas Ornaments Make Great Gifts For Cat Lovers

Cat Christmas
I found some wonderful Christmas ornaments and they would make the perfect gift for a cat lover. How do I know? I happen to be a cat lover and that makes me quite an expert in this field.

You will recognize some of the ornaments by name when you read them, but some will not be familiar to you and those are the ones you will probably find most interesting. Some of these Christmas tree decorations are cute, some are funny, some are big, other small, all are beautiful and will look wonderful upon someone's holiday tree. Perhaps it will be your tree.

Have you ever heard of The Cat In A Hat By Dr. Seuss? There's an ornament based on that children's story, in fact, there are several for you to choose from. Another cat decoration theme based on a popular children's character is Hello Kitty. There are so many Kitty ornaments to choose from and any fan of Miss Kitty White will be thrilled with one of these beauties. The Pink Panther and the Cheshire Cat also make an appearance on my cat ornament list.

Other Christmas ornament makers you've heard of are Lenox, Radko, Kurt Adler, and of course, the Krinkles line designed by Patience Brewster. These are very popular holiday decorations for trees, wreaths, and anywhere you decide to put them. Each has a different style and charm.

The Lenox cat ornaments are made in the familiar colors of most Lenox. They are dainty, delicate and lovely, just right for a cat lover who admires the classic lines Lenox is known for.

Old World ornament fans will appreciate the Christopher Radko designs. It was the Radko ornaments that brought back a love for these old world, handmade and painted decorations. You can see they are made with care as soon as you see them. The cat styles are unique and anyone of them would make a great gift for the cat lover on your list.

Kurt Adler has a style all his own, and his Christmas decoration and ornament line is more varied than the Christopher Radko ornaments. His line includes a tiger, a pair of crystal spun glass ornaments and the Noble Gems line.

Krinkles come from the fanciful imagination of Patience Brewster. Her works of Christmas art are full of whimsy and fun, and anyone who collects her work will smile each time they look upon it.

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