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Le Chat with Christopher Tan

Hello peeps! Here's our second interviewee for "Le Chat" column - Christopher Tan, another prolific photo contributor of COTW with a wicked sense of humour and eye for story. Chris is also an established food writer/editor, published author of several cookbooks and cooking instructor. You can find his website at www.foodfella.com

WHO:  Christopher Tan

Where are the best places to find cats to photograph?

They usually hang around where people live - so anywhere you find a thriving, stable neighbourhood, you'll probably find cats.

Nap Buddies in Commonwealth, Singapore - by Chris Tan
When photographing a cat, how do you approach cats without scaring the living daylights out of them?

Forget about them not knowing you're there - unless they're advanced in years, they will spot you. Just move slowly and look friendly. If you can get them curious about what you're doing, and they have a people-oriented disposition, they may even approach you!

What are some of the memorable cats you have come across (not necessarily shot)?

The stray that a friend of mine adopted - he had very elegant bone structure and huge ears with lynx-like tips, and prowled around above the floor by leaping from bookshelf to wardrobe top to cabinet.

Let sleeping cats lie indeed! :) By Chris Tan
Should we let sleeping cats lie, and why?

Yes, because they're probably having much more meaningful and interesting dreams than we do.

What is about cats that interest you?

They're always up to something!
Watching n' Hoping, Istanbul Turkey - by Chris Tan in 2007

If you were a cat, what kind would you be and where would you hang out?

A Maine coon….around a family with a well-stocked kitchen.

Un Petit Déjeuner Chaud in Cognac, France - by Chris Tan

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