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What Do You Need to Know About Cat Allergy Medication

cat allergy symptoms
Allergens are common in most environments and most pets would not react to them. But if your cat is allergic, it could cause extreme reactions in it. Most allergies are harmless but in certain cases the symptoms are so severe that cat allergy medications are prescribed. It is advisable to consult the veterinarian to determine whether the cat allergy symptoms is mild or serious.

Allergic reactions in cats can be caused due to a number of reasons and these include, food, flea and tick medications, perfumes, cleaning products, cigarette smoke, rubber and plastic materials, prescription drugs, grass, weed, mold and dust pollens. Unless you become aware of the cause of the allergy, you may not be able to treat it in an effective manner.

What are the symptoms of cat allergy relief ?

  •     Sneezing, coughing, wheezing
  •     Itchy skin and increased scratching of the coat
  •     Itchy, runny eyes
  •     Itchy back or base of tail
  •     Itchy ears and ear infections
  •     Vomiting and Diarrhea
  •     Snoring caused by an inflamed throat
  •     Paw chewing or swollen paws

If your cat spends a lot of time outdoors, it could be more susceptible to allergies. Even when your cat is overweight, it increases the risk of allergies caused due to asthma. If the allergy does not subside or occurs on a frequent basis, you would need to take it to the veterinarian and they may be able to determine the exact cause of the allergy.

The veterinarian may also for some tests to be done on the cat, to determine the exact reason behind the allergy. If you pet has been diagnosed as suffering from some form of allergy, it would need to be prescribed allergy medication to help relieve the problem at the earliest. If the problem is not treated immediately it can make your pet irritable and angry.

It is also important that the allergens, which are responsible for causing the allergy be removed, so that the allergy does not recur often. Your veterinarian will help in determining the exact cause of allergy and this will make it easier for you to take preventive steps to stop the allergy from occurring again and again.

Cat allergies could be prescribed by the veterinarian, which includes cortisone or steroids. The medications are prescribed based on the different types of allergies that affect a cat. These medications will help the cat lead a healthy life, free from any sort of allergies.

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